Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 6 - Up we go! Namche Bazaar to Portse Tenga

Tuesday 14th October

I have drawn the lucky straw this evening and have a tent to myself. Better now that later when it is colder I think!. Our camp this evening is down in a valley next to the river. To night I will be rocked to sleep by the roar of the rapids. Today was a big day! We climbed up to nearly 4,000 metres by lunch time (from 3440 metres). The pathway was very narrow, dusty and in places very rocky. So you really had to watch your step. There were times when you just focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

Our Sherpa's monitored our progress and were constantly encouraging us to drink,(to assist us with acclimatising to the altitude). We had regular rest stops, which gave us the opportunity to take in the awesome scenery. The day was clear and sunny so we could see the tops of a number of mountains, including Everest!
There were a couple of times today where I did feel a little light headed, however this evening I feel fine. Just very tired!! I won't need much rocking tonight.
This afternoon after we had settled into our tents we all met in the mess tent for afternoon tea and biscuits. Mani joined us and entertained us with some Yeti tales. He is a non believer, but with a bit of encouragement he did tell us a few of the local tales. Tomorrow we are going to be passing a hut which the locals believe is the sight of where a man was killed by a Yeti. Oh! spooky stories and I am alone in my tent tonight. No worries. I am so tired I am sure it isn't going to be a problem.

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