Friday, August 29, 2008

Buzz of excitement

This week has seen a growing buzz amongst our group, with emails flying to and fro with lists of gear we need to have, reports on fund raising efforts, reminders on making sure we have visas and our vaccinations up to date, have you arranged your travel insurance, how much warm gear do we need etc. In fact I would say that the buzz has a definitely lifted to a loud hum. Some members are running in fun runs, other running raffles, one group member is even pushing her Mum in a wheelchair in a fun run!! Now that is commitment.

This week I have been able to tick off getting my visa and a visit to Dr's for the inevitable jab in the arm and script for antibiotics and anti Nepal belly tablets. (one needs to be prepared). Earlier this invested in a new pair of u beaut!! super dooper gloves!! I have been advised that it is important to keep all extremities warm.

I acquired my latest investment today.At lunch time I wandered down to Paddy's market and purchased pocket knife come multi tool device thingy!!!! which has everything from a bottle opener, pliers, pocket knife, screwdriver etc to a small light. Now I just have to work out how to use it.

Well tomorrow I am off on another pre-trek adventure. A friend and I are getting up at sparrow's ....... to catch a train to Otford where we are joining a National Parks trekking group and walking to Waterfall (25-27 kms depending on which map you look at). This will really put the old legs to the test. Stories and photos to come on Sunday, as I am sure I will be sitting up resting and recovering.

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