Monday, August 18, 2008

On with the training

Firstly, let me please thank you to everyone who has sent me emails supporting my fundraising effort for the Australian Himalayan Foundation teacher training program. It is great to get such positive support from everyone. I really appreciate it and will endeavour to make this blog a little interesting.

Over the past three days, Steve and I have taken a mini break at Terrigal. It has been great, and the weather has been sunny, though it is a little cold for swimming. However, I haven't forgotten that I am supposed to be focusing on getting fit as it is now only seven weeks to go. Each afternoon, I have waved goodbye to Steve (who is sitting in the sun in front of the Surf Club, paper in hand and sipping on a frothy coffee) and start tramping the streets, looking for the steepest hill to climb. (You have to question my sanity). As I puff my way to the top of the steps to the look out, I wonder when this is going to get easier.

At the top of the lookout I look down on the scene below, beautiful beach and rugged cliffs in the distance and ponder on how different this is to the views I will witness in seven weeks time.

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