Monday, August 25, 2008


This Saturday's walk saw our numbers diminished to just two, due to the threat of inclement weather. We caught the train to Edgecliff bright and early and spent the day making our way through Double Bay, around the coast and through the streets of Rosebay, Vaucluse to Watson's Bay, then around to the entrance to Sydney Harbour (behind the naval base). A number of showers of rain, meant we were pulling our rain jackets on and off regularly.
As we stood admiring the view out over the harbour and out to sea, we were lucky enough to see a seal frolicking in the waves.

After lunch (fish and chips at Doyle's, at Watson's Bay) we continued on along the cliff pathway towards Bondi. In some places the wind made walking very difficult, however the rough weather gave us spectacular views of the ocean smashing against the cliffs. The last hour of our walk saw a sharp decline in the weather, and we got quite wet!!! In total we walked for about 6 hours and for approximately 18ks. Not a bad day's training. Certainly enjoyed my hot shower when I got home.

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