Friday, August 22, 2008

Everest and Beyond

As part of my preparation for my trip I have been trying to read books and watch films that will give me a little background to the Himalayas and surrounding countries. Last week I managed to acquire a copy of the DVD, Everest and Beyond. This documentary tells the story of Sir Edmund Hillary, his amazing climbing feats, the establishment of the Himalayan Trust and life time effort to improve conditions for the Sherpa people of Nepal.
The documentary tells how Edmund took his wife, children and other relatives to Nepal on projects to build schools and better facilities for the Sherpas. It shows him to be a humble yet resourceful man. I must admit I was very touched when I found out that he lost his wife and daughter in a plane crash, as they were flying to meet him at a project in a remote area of Nepal.
The section of the documentary that covered the building of schools for the sherpa's and the introduction of the teacher training program certainly confirmed my belief that the money we raise for the this program will definitely be going to a worthwhile project.
A film worth watching, not only for the spectacular scenery but also for an insight into the life and philosophy of an extraordinary man.

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