Monday, September 1, 2008

A big thank you to the Atherton Thursday Morning Craft Ladies!!!!

This blog is dedicated to the Thursday Morning Craft Ladies from the northern Queensland town of Atherton. I received a call from my mother in law (or Nan as we call her)this evening, telling me that she had been to a meeting of the local CWA Hall today. She took along all the details of the my upcoming trek and our "Climbing to Support Himalayan Education" project.

Evidently the ladies were quite impressed with our efforts, especially since some of our group were from the more mature age bracket. The "hat" was passed around and Nan collected $100 for our project. What a great effort. Thank you very much to the ladies of the Atherton Thursday Morning Craft Club!! I promise to send you some photos of the schools I visit when I get back from my trek.

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