Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spit Bridge-Manly - final predeparture adventure

Last weekend, Julia accompanied me on my last pre-trek adventure. This was the very relaxed half day walk from Spit bridge around the Harbour to Manly. It was beautiful day with temps reaching the low 30's. It was a pleasant way to finish of my pre-trek training.
Over the past 9 months we have managed to circumnavigate almost the complete foreshore of Sydney Harbour and the views still continue to impress me.
On Sunday, I started to pull out all the equipment and clothing that I have purchased (in sales) over the past year in preparation for the trek. Most arrangements seem to be completed, list of things to take drawn up, and now it is time to start packing, keeping in mind that we can only take 15 kilos (including, day pack, sleeping bag) on the trip. (I think I might be slipping a couple of the heavier items into my coat pocket for the weigh in).

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