Friday, September 12, 2008

Three weeks to Go!!

Hard to believe, this time in three weeks I will be heading to Nepal!!! I am heading down to Canberra this weekend to catch up with family, chase up a few more donations for the Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF)and maybe a little cold weather acclimatisation for Nepal.

This week I received an email from the AHF advising that our donations were trickling in (thank you everyone!!). Our group even made the latest version of the AHF's newsletter Yakety Yak. AHF also advised that they have considered our request and changed the online donation amounts to include $25 and $50 as it was pointed out by one of our group members that it was a bit much to expect people to donate $100. Good move on the part of AHF.

If you are still considering making a donation this can be done on line..... or by printing off pdf donation form attached to the web page. Please if you do this can you advise that the donation is for "Climbing to Support Himalayan Education" code no (ECO8DH). Every little bit helps.

My preparation this week has been quiet, though I have managed to walk every morning before work and have made a couple of lunch time laps of Darling Harbour.

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