Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to pack

The days are ticking away very quickly. Yesterday I received an email from one of our group members who is already in Kathmandu. She has already begun to explore!! Oh I wish I was there already. It is very hard to keep focused on the task at hand when I know my new adventure is looming up very quickly. On Sunday I pulled out all the bits and pieces that I have been accumulating over the past 12 months for my trip to Nepal. It was always that event in the distant future that was making my purchase for. Now I am actually going to be using them within two weeks. The challenge is now consider the 4 page list of items to take (supplied by World Expeditions) and compact them into the 15kg luggage allowance that we have for the trek.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spit Bridge-Manly - final predeparture adventure

Last weekend, Julia accompanied me on my last pre-trek adventure. This was the very relaxed half day walk from Spit bridge around the Harbour to Manly. It was beautiful day with temps reaching the low 30's. It was a pleasant way to finish of my pre-trek training.
Over the past 9 months we have managed to circumnavigate almost the complete foreshore of Sydney Harbour and the views still continue to impress me.
On Sunday, I started to pull out all the equipment and clothing that I have purchased (in sales) over the past year in preparation for the trek. Most arrangements seem to be completed, list of things to take drawn up, and now it is time to start packing, keeping in mind that we can only take 15 kilos (including, day pack, sleeping bag) on the trip. (I think I might be slipping a couple of the heavier items into my coat pocket for the weigh in).

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This week we received the exciting news from The Australian Himalayan Foundation that our combined fund raising efforts had almost reached the $3,000 mark. Great effort!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!

In the words of our group leader "WOWOWOWOWO, Well done…………….everyone deserves a big hug for all your efforts……..Lets recognise our Mum’s and aunties as well who collected $2.00 donations as well as all those people who gave at raffles. It is all worth while and adds up…Great stuff….I am really chuffed ……..What a day!!!".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Three weeks to Go!!

Hard to believe, this time in three weeks I will be heading to Nepal!!! I am heading down to Canberra this weekend to catch up with family, chase up a few more donations for the Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF)and maybe a little cold weather acclimatisation for Nepal.

This week I received an email from the AHF advising that our donations were trickling in (thank you everyone!!). Our group even made the latest version of the AHF's newsletter Yakety Yak. AHF also advised that they have considered our request and changed the online donation amounts to include $25 and $50 as it was pointed out by one of our group members that it was a bit much to expect people to donate $100. Good move on the part of AHF.

If you are still considering making a donation this can be done on line..... or by printing off pdf donation form attached to the web page. Please if you do this can you advise that the donation is for "Climbing to Support Himalayan Education" code no (ECO8DH). Every little bit helps.

My preparation this week has been quiet, though I have managed to walk every morning before work and have made a couple of lunch time laps of Darling Harbour.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It Must Be Spring!

Another week has flown by. It has been very wet this week, so it has put a bit of a dampner on my walking before work and at lunch time. I managed a to head out for a good tramp around the neighbourhood this afternoon, only to be dive bombed by magpies. Persistent little devils chased me for a full block!!!

This weeks preparation has been quiet, a few more donations have come in for my fundraising. Thank you all. I have spent my travel time on train reading up on Nepal and have just finished reading Kiran Desai's book The Inheritance of Loss, a story about an interesting group of people set in the Himalaya's in time of civil unrest. A good read.

This afternoon I spent a little time at our local healthfood store researching the available biodegradable soaps, shampoos and washing liquids to take on the trek. I was surprised at the choices. After some advice from the lady at the counter I selected a shampoo, conditioner and general purpose washing liquid. World Expeditions are committed to responsible travel and sustainability and emphasis the importance of the conservation of the environment while we are on our trek.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A big thank you to the Atherton Thursday Morning Craft Ladies!!!!

This blog is dedicated to the Thursday Morning Craft Ladies from the northern Queensland town of Atherton. I received a call from my mother in law (or Nan as we call her)this evening, telling me that she had been to a meeting of the local CWA Hall today. She took along all the details of the my upcoming trek and our "Climbing to Support Himalayan Education" project.

Evidently the ladies were quite impressed with our efforts, especially since some of our group were from the more mature age bracket. The "hat" was passed around and Nan collected $100 for our project. What a great effort. Thank you very much to the ladies of the Atherton Thursday Morning Craft Club!! I promise to send you some photos of the schools I visit when I get back from my trek.